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Viva Il Papa!  May God Bless Pope Francis I
"Jesus offers us something bigger than the World Cup! He offers us the possibility of a fulfilled and fruitful life; He also offers us a future with Him, an endless future, eternal life. But He asks us to train, “to get in shape”, so that we can face every situation in life undaunted, bearing witness to our faith. How do we get in shape? By talking with Him: by prayer, which is our daily conversation with God, who always listens to us. By the sacraments, which make his life grow within us and conform us to Christ. By loving one another, learning to listen, to understand, to forgive, to be accepting and to help others, everybody, with no one excluded or ostracized. Dear young people, be true “athletes of Christ”!".

The Squires and the Knights of Council 14725 worked on a Giant Rosary to be used at public events and by the children of Saint Monica School and Religious Education Program.  The amount of work and time that went into this was incredible!  The rope used was over 150 feet long and the beads were made with swimming pool buoys!  Great job!

Another year, another game of Whiffleball between the Squires of Circle 5539 and the Knights and Counselors of Coucnil 14725.  A great big thanks to the Bernard Family for another HOT day and a beautiful setting.  The field looked great!  The Knights took a huge lead early, only to let the Squires back into the game and it ended in a 7-7 TIE!  Those old Knights almost pulled off the upset this year!  Maybe next year!! (PHOTOS TO COME)
On Sunday, June 21, elections for fraternal year 2015-2016 took place with the following results:
Chief Squire - Ben Mailloux
Deputy Chief Squire - Julian Mancini
Marshall Squire - Michael R. Walsh
Notary Squire - Patrick Bernard
Bursar Squire - Adam Araujo
Sentry Squire - Sam Mailloux

The Officers will take over on July 1 and be installed later this summer.  Congratulations to everyone!

On Friday, April 3, 2015, Good Friday, members of Squires Circle 5539, their Knight Counselors and members of their families served dinner from 4:00pm to 7:00pm to over 200 patrons at the Cor Unum Meal Center in Lawrence, MA.  The group served a delicious fish dinner, cleared and cleaned tables, emptied the trash and cleaned the Hall after dinner was completed.

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Past Chief Squire Michael R. Walsh and current Deputy Chief Squire Ben Mailloux attended an Archdiocese of Boston sponsored Saint Andrew's Dinner at Saint John's Seminary in Brighton, MA.  The Saint Andrew's dinner was sponsored to help promote vocations and the two boys listened to witness stories from 3 seminarians and then heard from Cardinal Sean.  The food was great, the stories were great and Cardinal Sean was great!  A great night was had by the Squires!

On Sunday, March 8, at their regular Circle Business Meeting, the Squires of Circle 5539 were pleased to welcome Methuen Chief of Police, Joseph Solomon.  Chief Solomon was present to thank the Squires, the Knight Counselors and Father Prior, Msgr. William Fay, for their participation in and planning of the Interfaith Worship Service which took place at Saint Monica's in early January.  The Chief hopes to make it an annual event and he knows that he can count on the Squires!
On Thursday, January 15, members of Squires Circle 5539 participated as Greeters along with their Counselors at an Interfaith Worship Service for Peace and Unity with our Police Officers in the Merrimack Valley.  Pictured in the Eagle Tribune newspaper was Squire Sam Mailloux.  Msgr, William Fay, Pastor of Saint Monica/Saint Lucy Parish and Father Prior of Circle 5539, noted in an email: "I'm very grateful for the ever-ready and strong assistance of the Squires and the Knights last evening.  Many folks commented on the great hospitality that greeted them on arrival at the prayer service, which you all provided.".
Once again, our Circle has been awarded the Corps d'Elite Award and a Brother Barnabus Award for the work it did last fraternal year.  For completing all of its paperwork on time, for completing at least four major programs in each of the following areas of the Squires program: Spiritual, Service, Circle and Membership and for gaining two new members in one year, the Squires earned the Corps d"Elite Award.
The Brother Barnabus Award recognizes the 25 best activities conducted by local Squires Circles throughout the entire order.  This is a special award!  This year the Circle won it by working on their project, "Rosary for Religious Ed", in which they would meet on one Sunday morning a month and recite the Rosary with the Religious Education students of Saint Monica Parish.
The Awards will officially be awarded to Past Chief Squire Michael R. Walsh at an upcoming ceremony.
On Thursday, October 2, the Silver Rose of Our Lady of Guadalupe made it's way through the Merrimack Valley and stopped at Saint Monica School in Methuen.  Thanks to Sr. Suzanne Fondini, Principal, the Silver Rose was carried throughout the school from classroom to classroom, so that all of the students could view it.  Saint Michael the Archangel Circle 5539 was represented by Notary Squire Patrick Bernard, a 7th Grader at Saint Monica's.  Patrick put on the white gloves and carried the Silver Rose for Sr. Suzanne.  Thank you, Patrick!
On Sunday, June 22, at the last Circle Meeting of the Fraternal Year, the following Squires were elected to lead the Circle for the 2014-2015 Fraternal Year:
Chief Squire - Julian Mancini
Deputy Chief Squire - Ben Mailloux
Notary Squire - Patrick Bernard
Bursar Squire - Adam Araujo
Marshal Squire - Wiliam Donahue
Sentry Squire - Sam Mailloux
We want to wish them the best of luck as our Circle moves forward!
Special thanks to Past Chief Squire Michael R. Walsh, who is stepping down after three years of leading the Circle.  We wish him the best of luck!
The Squires edged out the Knights 5-3 in this years exhibition game played, again, at beautiful Bernard Field on Sunday, August 3, 2014..  The Knights seemingly took the game into extra innings and won on a walk off home run by Massachusetts State Squires Chairman Michael Walsh.  However, Deputy Chief Squire Ben Mailloux, acting on behalf of the Circle, in the absence of Chief Squire Julian Mancini, filed a protest with the National Whiffle Ball Association, claiming that the Knights were given too many outs in the bottom of the 6th inning. After checking the rule book, , it was determined that there can only be a maximum of three outs per inning, thereby nullifying the tying and winning runs!
"One more inning and we would have had those young Squires!", said Chief Counselor William Bernard.  "Wait until next year!" said Chairrman Walsh.
The Squires want to thank our Father Friar, Msgr. Fay, and Fr. Bill Lohan, for attending the cookout and taking part in the fun.  A great time was had by all!
On Monday, May 26, 2014, members of Saint Michael the Archangel Circle 5539 marched in the Methuen Memorial Day Parade, along with members of Saint Monica Council 14725 and Bishop O'Donnell Assembly 393 of the 4th Degree.
Pictured here are (from left to right): Bursar Squire Sam Mailloux, Chief Squire Michael R. Walsh, Squire William Donahue and Sentry Squire Ben Mailloux.
It was a long parade, but everyone did a great job!
On Monday, May 19, Chief Squire Michael R. Walsh and Sentry Squire Ben Mailloux attended a talk on Vocations at Saint Mary's Parish in Waltham, MA attended by Cardinal Sean O'Malley.  Also in attendance at the event was Msgr. William Fay, pastor of the St. Lucy/St. Monica collaborative in Methuen.  The boys enjoyed a great meal of Chinese food with Cardinal Sean and Msgr. Fay and listened to the vocation stories of two seminarians, a newly ordained priest and Cardinal Sean.  It was a great night!
On Saturday, May 17, 2014, members of the Circle assembled at Bellevue Cemetery in Lawrence, MA to replace the worn flags at the grave sites of Veterans with new flags.  The Squires spent a few hours in the cemetery, along with groups from other organizations.
In the photo below are Chief Squire Michael R. Walsh, Counselor Bill Bernard and Notary Squire Patrick Bernard.
Throughout this fraternal year, the Columbian Squires of Circle 5539 have been praying the Rosary with students of the Saint Monica's Religious Education Program one Sunday each month before they begin their classes.  In the last couple of months, they have developed a Power Point presentation to allow the students to follow along with the prayers.  The picture below was taken on Sunday, March 23 during the 7:30am session.  The Squires were wide awake and did another great job!  Also pictured is Mr. Karl Jackson, Director of Religious Education.
On Monday, January 20, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Squires, Counselors and friends made a trip to LazerCraze in North Andover for what is becoming a yearly tradition.  The teams were very evenly matched with Squires and Counselors split between each.  Unfortunately, Chief Counselor Anthony Mancini went on a rampage and crushed the course, getting the high score in all four games.  Overall, a great time was had by all and we look forward to a return trip very soon!
On Saturday, December 14, the Wreaths Across America event was held at the National Cemetery in Bourne, MA on Cape Cod.  On a cold, snowy day, Chief Squire Michael R. Walsh, Deputy Chief Squire Julian Mancini and Notary Squire Patrick Bernard along with Counselors Michael J. Walsh, Anthony Mancini, Bill Bernard and Gerard Donahue participated in the event along with many other Knights and other organizations to lay Christmas Wreaths on the grave sites of the Veterans buried there.  The Squires listened to many stories about the Veterans, both young and old, and were moved by the tribute.  Each of them attended the short prayer service after the main event for the fallen Knights of Columbus and then went to lay their wreaths.  MORE PICTURES IN SLIDE SHOW.
Saint Michael the Archangel Circle 5539 was awarded one of only 25 Brother Barnabas Awards order wide by the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council for an event run during the 2012-2013 Fraternal Year.  The event, Pancakes for a Wheelchair, had the Squires running a Pancake Breakfast in order to make a donation to the Knights sponsored Wheelchairs Across America Program.  The Squires raised enough money to fund a wheelchair for a veteran.
On Friday, September 27, 2013, the Silver Rose of Our Lady of Guadalupe visited Saint Monica Parish sponsored by Knights Council 14725 and Squires Circle 5539.  This Rose is traveling from Canada through the Northeast and will reach Saint Mary's Church in New Haven, CT, home of the Knights of Columbus, on December 12, the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
A fantastic turnout of Squires made the event special and they, along with members of the Knights Council and the 4th Degree, took part in the ceremony.  There was a Benediction and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and a Rosary for Life where each decade was prayed by a member of the parish.  The leaders of the Rosary were: Msgr. Fay, Pastor of Saint Monica and Saint Lucy Parish; Sr. Suzanne Fondini, Principal of Saint Monica School; Mr. Karl Jackson, Director of Religious Education at Saint Monica Parish, SK Rick Dube, PGK, Faithful Navigator of Assembly 393 and Michael R. Walsh, Chief Squire of Squires Circle 5539.
Here are some pictures from the event.  MORE PICTURES ON SLIDE SHOW
On Tuesday, July 16, the Squires of Circle 5539 visited Manchester, NH to enjoy a night with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, as they took on the Portland Sea Dogs, Double A Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox!  The Squires took the field with the team for the National Anthem and had one of their members, Will Donahue, throw out the first pitch.  A great night was had by the Squires, Counselors and their families. 
Another Loss, but a Good Time Had by All!
On Sunday, June 23, Squires Circle 5539 under the leadership of Chief Squire Michael R. Walsh took on the Circle Counselors and Borther Knights under the leadership of District Deputy Michael J. Walsh in a Whiffleball game.  The result was a 9 to 4 win by the Squires!
It was a hard fought win by the Squires with the Knights putting forth a strong effiort.
A big thanks to Saint Monica Council 14725 Warden Elect Bill Bernard and his family for letting the two teams use his yard. 
The group enjoyed some good food, some great desserts and each others company.
Can't wait to see what happens next!!
Congratulations, Squires!!
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